R&B Ale & Pizza House (R&B Brewing)

1-54 E 4th Ave


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Beer There Blog | Interior of R&B Ale and Pizza House | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Our usual craft breweries are a little less known to the general population, so we feel like explorers, helping others to find the hidden gems, but in this case, we decided to go to a brewer that is already quite popular. Why? Well, we need to be fair and the popular guys deserve to be reviewed too.

Some of us have been here before, but not as part of the BeerThere.com team, and this is what makes this visit special.

R&B Ale & Pizza House excellent location makes it an easy find, on 4th Ave and just half a block of Quebec Street, definitely not flashy from the outside, but I promise you the inside will surprise you.

Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | Funky Decoration at R&B Ale and Pizza House gift shop in Vancouver B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Once you cross the doors, it is clear that this place has more atmosphere than most others. I kept trying to describe it and my best way to define it is as if you were at your best friend’s living room – comfortable but fun and awkward, with tons of things to see on the walls and even ceiling. I believe the style would be known classic eclectic.

Just a few steps in and the manager, Brent, usher us in and help us to find a seat. Excellent service and even thought there was no real space available, he was able to accommodate us until the table opened. I will never be tired of good service.

Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | Craft Beer Fridge at R&B Ale and Pizza House gift shop in Vancouver B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Once we approach the bar to order, the team of friendly hipsters is ready to help. They introduce me to their beer selection and the two guest taps. Today I was feeling a bit adventurous and I tried something that I usually wouldn’t order, so after asking for suggestions, I had to pick the Sun God Wheat Ale, a very refreshing Weizen-style beer, light and crisp. I am very happy I did order it – I loved it.

I was ready to try one of their very well known Neapolitan style pizzas and came in with high expectations and I was not disappointed. Their crispy prosciutto with arugula & shaved parm was devoured in minutes. If this was a food review, I would keep going about it, but it is not.

The noise level is a bit higher than other craft breweries, and it feels more like a pub, which is great for some occasions but not ideal if you just want to chat.

Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | Gift shop and filling station at R&B Ale and Pizza House | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

My second beer was even more adventurous and I asked for their specialty cask, a collaboration with Doan’s Brewery. This was a rare flavour, dry and a bit salted with bursts of wheat and rye. Loved it and hated it. I would call it a “one night stand” beer.

Their menu showcases 10 of their own beers and two guests taps. I was curious to try a few more of their brews, and even after I paid for my tap and was ready to leave, the server offered me a few more samples. I was happy he did since I loved some other beers from their menu, and I will go back for more.

What did I eat?

As mentioned above, I had one of R&B Ale & Pizza House’s specialty pizzas, and if they ever want to stop brewing, they can easily become a pizza joint. You can taste the fresh ingredients and the price is excellent.

What did I drink?

I started the night with their light and refreshing wheat ale, and I like it but I would keep this one ready for a sunny day. Then I went all out and tried their specialty cask beer under the name Gose With a Nose. This beer is so complex that I am going to sound crazy trying to describe it. I would say to anyone looking for something special – try it before it is gone.

Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | filling station at R&B Ale and Pizza House | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Would I go back? Yes, for their food, beer, and service but not if what I am looking is for a quiet space to think or relax. Wouldn’t be a first date selection if I want to get to know the other person.

Would I go back? Yes, for their food, beer, and service

What would I recommend? I would say, try a flight of their very odd beers, such as their Lavender Saison or their Milkshake IPA, and have a pizza with a lovely wheat ale.

My Opinion:

R&B Ale & Pizza House is another kind-of hidden gem, but maybe too popular for those looking for the off-the-grid craft breweries. This is a great spot if you are in the neighbourhood and want to lay down, shill out, eat a good pizza and wash it down with your “not every day” kind of beer. If what you want is true hardcore microbrewery experience, this might not be the best choice.

Final score. 8.8 / 10

Author: Alexander Renowitzky

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