Faculty Brewing Co.

1830 Ontario Street


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Beer There Blog | Craft Beer Menu at Faculty Brewing Company | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

While others are celebrating 4/20, we are heading to a fairly new craft brewery in Vancouver, Faculty Brewing Co.

How many times have we driven or walked in front of a place and not really noticed it? Faculty Brewing Co is not your typical flashing lights and calling for attention commercial spot, it is more like this non-pretentious non-arrogant and very relaxed location.

You walk in and the black and whites make the most of the design, with this new amazing industrial look with the fermentation tanks right there to see where their beers are brewed.


Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | Interior of Faculty Brewing Company | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

The common long and communal tables inviting to socialize. The music has the right volume, enough to give background but not to impede the conversation.

Behind the counter, the server explained that all their brews are named with numbers to follow the “Faculty-style” experience, same as courses in a college or university where classes are named with numbers to describe either how easy or beginners they are.

They only have own very-crafted 6 beers on their menu, and I liked that, no need to have 20 types of beers on a micro-brewery, that’s what the word micro stands for.

She gave me a few samples and moved on with a 325 ML of their 109 Kolsch. This is a basic drink, I would call it a favorite among those who want to drink beer but don’t like beer taste. Even with an average alcohol content, the flavour is light and far from hoppy.

Some of the team members (Carolina) were getting grumpy haven’t had anything to eat and decided to go next door and get some sushi to go, which the servers nicely agreed to allow us to have it inside. The food that Faculty offers is not the kind I would recommend. Aside from their pepperoni sticks, which are quite good, the rest is not a reason a would ever go back.

Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | 64 oz Growlers at Faculty Brewing Company | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

After that lite-tasking Kolsch, I was ready to move on to the more risky ones. The 355 Cherry Sourweisse was my next choice and I couldn’t be more impressed. This has to be the best sour beer I’ve had in years, not exaggerating. The sour was never followed by an aftertaste, but the flavor lingered on your tongue just the right amount. If you are looking to try one sour beer but scared that you might not like it, this is my suggestion.

I finished my tasting night with the 449 English Brown Ale, a beer that really stands by his name. A very traditional British-style hoppy beer, with the typical dark tone and heavy drop. They serve it a bit colder that the British would but I actually liked that more.

I have to make a side note and say that I didn’t order their 340 Dunkelweizen but had some samples of it and after the 355 Cherry Sourweissen, this has to be my top 2.

What did I eat?

I had their hummus and chips and a few bites of their pepperoni sticks. Stick to the beer and you’ll have no complaints. The sushi next door looked very good.

What did I drink?


Craft Beerthere Blog
Beer There Blog | Glass of 355 Cherry Sourweisse and 109 Kölsch from Faculty Brewing Company | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

As mentioned above, I had glasses of their 109, the 355 and the 449. If I am asked to recommend, this would be my thoughts: (1) Don’t miss the 355 Cherry Sourweisse; (2) The 340 Dunkelweizen would be my second choice; (3) the Kolsch is a great baby beer to wash down on a sunny day.

Would I go back? This is the kinda spot for a quick visit or to kill 45 mins. I loved how they made this brewery to feel like a pit-stop, it just makes you feel like you can come almost every day, have a drink and head home.

What would I recommend? Go, relax, kill an hour and even more. The convenient location makes it inexcusable that they are not packed all the time.

My Opinion:

When you are looking in a dictionary for a picture of a micro-brewery this is how it looks like. Fun! Some excellent beers. Great location. Clean design. Needs some better food choices.

Final score. 8.0 / 10

Author: Alexander Renowitzky

Designer, marketer, spokesperson and blogger. I like meeting new people and and I am curious of why things happen, Beer is fun and who doesn’t like fun.