Granville Island Brewing & Arc’teryx

1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

Arcteryx Beer
Beer There Blog | Arcteryx and Granville Island Brewing Event | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Not sure if you know this brand but Arc’teryx is kind of a big deal with the outdoorsy type of guy. Well, after 27 years in the market, this Vancouver-based brand is launching their first big store right on Burrard Street (don’t even want to know how much is the lease – ouch).

Granville Island Brewery, one of the most recognizable brewing companies in Vancouver approached Arc’teryx and proposed this joint marketing campaign, a special brew for them. If you ask me, G-E-N-I-U-S!

Apparently, David Nicholls, GM at Granville Island Brewing, spearheaded this idea. He says that; being an outdoors lover and after several ski trips, he had the eureka moment and initiated this project, and that now is “brewing” to be a reality. (Sorry for the pun.)

Craft Beer Choices
Beer There Blog | Arcteryx and Granville Island Brewing Event Beers to Choose (1) Cascadian Dark Ale, (2) the Vienna Lager and finally (3) the California Common | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

The invitation-only event at the Granville Island Brewing tasting room was to allow us to choose the three kinds of beer, and the one with the most amount of votes would win. The 3 options were (1) Cascadian Dark Ale, (2) the Vienna Lager and finally (3) the California Common.

I chose #2, not because it was any better that the other two since all 3 were excellent in their own styles. It was because this would be a beer I could drink more than a few. The first one is your typical dark beer with a hint of malt and cocoa, and with just two pints I would probably be ready to quit for the night. The third beer would be the favorite for the profound beer drinkers, with a hoppy taste and an even stronger after taste.

Arcteryx T-shirt
Beer There Blog | Arcteryx and Granville Island Brewing Event | Arc’teryx T-shirts | Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

The second beer seems a crowd pleaser. It is one of those easy-drinking brews that everyone well accept and drink all day or night. It is not my favorite beer by far, but definitely one I could drink for a while.

The ambiance of this brewery is less cozy than others and for the amount of people that come in, I believe that they could be bigger, but the fact that is kept this way is telling me that they want to be seen as a small brewer, but they are not kidding anyone.

What did I eat?

The food was amazing! The cheeses and the meats, the fruits. Everything was spectacular, but not sure if this is their usual food or more like a one-in-a-blue-moon moment. When I return I’ll judge again.

Would I go back?

Yes, it is a staple in Vancouver’s brewing community and it is must, but I see this brewing beast as borderline not a microbrewery.

What would I recommend?

I am going to skip recommending Arc’terix, I heard great stuff about it, but I can’t testify. Granville Island’s beers were good but I get their point, this was a marketing event so I am going to say it: I know they can do better and since this was an unofficial stop, I will let it go.

My Opinion:

This is an incredible idea, and maybe others are doing it but not enough. Other marketing campaigns should try to keep up with this guys.

I want to extend my grateful thanks to David from Granville Island Brewery and Stephanie from Arc’terix, together with the whole team. They were as friendly and accommodating as possible. I truly wish them all the imaginable success with their new flagship store in downtown Vancouver.

Final event score. 9.2 / 10
Final beer score: 8.1 / 10


Author: Alexander Renowitzky

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