The Parkside Brewery

2731 Murray St, Port Moody, BC

Beer There Blog | Parkside Brewery | Beer Lineup | Port Moody | Greater Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

It is road trip time for the team! On our first visit to a craft brewery outside of Vancouver, BC, we are heading to beautiful Port Moody, aka PoMo. Our mission is to find a “kind-of” local brewery with a great patio.

After a 35mins drive, we arrive at Murray Street, an area known for the side-by-side breweries. The chosen one was Parkside Brewery, one of the most popular local breweries, but why?

Right from the get-go, I notice that the ample parking next to it, the outside food truck and the large and very attractive patio were an obvious draw.

Some of the BeerThere gang were excited with this location, and I see why. On a sunny day, the large picnic-style tables with the large umbrellas and the little green turfed area on one of the side, with kids having fun and some adults laying down made this patio a top notch attraction.

Beer There Blog | Parkside Brewery | Beer Lineup | Port Moody | Greater Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Once I got to the counter the server welcomes me and points to the chalk-written board with the interesting brewed options, to which I start with one of their IPAs. Just outside, the food truck had some interesting food options, and I had to try some.

My second and third beers were suggested by the servers as other interesting brews from their selection. One thing that you notice right away is the very diverse crowd; families, couples, friends, etc. I loved that aspect of it, a place where you can bring kids and have a drink. Another thing that it was pretty obvious was the lack of music. None! Not inside, not outside. Weird since the ambiance can be driven by some background music. Maybe this is a by-law issue, but the nevertheless, it is a missing component. I ended playing some music with my cell and that made a huge difference.

What did I eat?

The food truck’s specialty was mac & cheese, and I tried their “Jurassic Pork”, a tasty and bit pricey macaroni and creamy cheese topped with pulled pork and crispy onions. Not bad but not great. Decent. Not sure if this food truck is permanently here but I doubt it, so who knows what will be there the next visit.

What did I drink?

Beer There Blog | Parkside Brewery | Beer Lineup | Port Moody | Greater Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

Graffiti IPA (ABV % 6.9 – IBU 60). I was expecting so much more from this IPA. The cloudy yellow brew with great aroma did not reach my expectations. The bitter citrus flavour is missing the final punch.
Dim Wit (ABV % 4.8 – IBU 15). This is a light witbier that has a very soft orange taste hidden between each sip. It is a refreshing beer when served cold, ideally, very cold.
Tropical Milkshake ISA (ABV % 4.6ish – IBU 40ish) (Contains milk). This is definitely a very unique and bold beer and I will call my favorite (from this brewery). Once again they have brought together some tropical fruits and came up with this bitter ISA.

Would I go back?

Only a sunny day but I am not rushing to go back.

What would I recommend?

Hmmm… I would say, go one sunny day with a group, not alone. Take advantage of their patio but don’t go looking for the best beers. Definitely a fun patio and a nice looking brewery. Couples and friends would enjoy, beer nerds might not.

My Opinion:

This is a tough one since I liked it in some aspects and disliked so many others. The patio, the service, the look deserve high grades, but the lack of music and ambiance and the beer quality I believe can be easily raised. One thing that I have to say: “For the price that you pay, you get way more than in almost any other brewery. $30 will feel like $50.”

Final beer score: 7.2 / 10
Patio score: 8.6 / 10





Author: Alexander Renowitzky

Designer, marketer, spokesperson and blogger. I like meeting new people and and I am curious of why things happen, Beer is fun and who doesn’t like fun.