33 Acres Brewing Co

15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver.


Beer There Blog | 33 Acres Brewery | Beer Lineup | Vancouver | Greater Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

The BeerThere gang is out again, this time to 33 Acres Brewing Co, a local craft brewery that seems small from the outside but it has more layers than most others.

The tasting room has a great ambience, fitting a max of 60 people, the place always seems packed and full of life. The funky and trendy decor makes this place a local favourite, but how’s the beer?

The servers are great, full of knowledge and ready to answer all my questions. The menu shows some permanent beers and some seasonal ones too. It is a sunny day, so I start with a Belgium-style beer called Euphoria.

Beer There Blog | 33 Acres Brewery | Pacific Poke Contest Winner | Vancouver | Greater Vancouver, B.C. | Photo Credit: #yopera

There is a Mexican duo playing the guitar and singing. I believe live entertainment is common, not sure which days, but I can bet that it is more than once a week. Not sure why, but I feel the sound level is quite high, not uncomfortable but almost at party-level.

Usually, parked outside is a food truck serving the people coming to drink (well, and anyone else that want some food too), but on Thursdays, the guys at 33 Acres open their taco kitchen. The tacos looked great but I wasn’t ready to spend $4 per taco. Some of the other BeerThere members had some with great reviews.

Once we sat down, you can feel the incredible energy this place has, everyone was more social than ever. Maybe this is not because of the beer but definitely made me enjoy my drinks a lot more.

Right across the table, there was a couple, one local from North Van and the other one from Ireland. These social butterflies started chatting away with us, and then, right after, we had more strangers from the table joining in. Once again shows how beer is a social drink.

My second drink was an India Session Ale, another beer from their permanent selection, and an India Pale Ale from their seasonal collection.

During this visit, we did our first live video feed and it was interesting to see how others around us showed interest in what we were doing, so I believe that we should repeat the live feed and see if more people start joining in.

The night ended well, and for the most, I have to say that we had a great time with almost no complaints. Yes, it is a bit loud but acceptable for this kind of experience. Yes, it is more expensive than others but there is live music and that’s not free. Well done 33 Acres, well done.

What did I eat?

Once again I didn’t eat but everyone was enjoying their tacos and the pretzels, so I can’t testify but I can say others liked it. Still have to say, $4 per taco is too much. It would try to go a day with the food truck outside.

What did I drink?

As always, I try to pick 3 different beers, some from their permanent menu and some from their rotating or season taps. These were my chosen three:

33 Acres of Euphoria (ABV % 9.2). Permanent Tap – This is a very odd Belgium beer, not bad, just not what I was expecting – maybe I was expecting a more cloudy colour and not the hazy yellow. The aroma of this Belgian Tripel is amazing. You can taste the fruity and acid flavours, ending with slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a very high-alcohol content-level beer, and you can feel it. As much I really enjoyed it, I should have left this one for the end. This is a strong contender for my BEER OF THE YEAR AWARD (which I just made up).
33 Acres of Echo (ABV % 4.5). Permanent Tap – As a coincidence, once again the citrus aroma is present but on a sweeter level. Light blond on colour, easy to drink. It is a very well done India Session Ale. Another great beer.
33 Acres of Genesis – Batch #3 (ABV % 6.8). Temp batch – At this point, I believe all their recipes must contain a citrus fruit – don’t get that as a complaint, I love my citrus! This is very bold India Pale Ale, with not as much aroma as the first two beers but with a much more intense flavour. Nice combination of hoppy and fruity. Not my favourite but not bad.

Would I go back?

Yes, definitely. This is another “must” in the Vancouver scene. Not the cheapest but I believe you get what you pay for. The ambience is fun, great entertainment, and best of all, wonderful beers.

What would I recommend?

I might get some heat for this but I would say, try their permanent taps first and maybe if you come back, have the seasonal ones. They have an amazing permanent selection. Try the Euphoria but with precaution.

My Opinion:

As mentioned above, a “must” for the beer drinkers, and for everyone that is just looking to relax for an hour or two.

Final beer score: 8.7 / 10




Author: Alexander Renowitzky

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