Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

103 – 11220 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC


After some time off, we begin 2018 with another craft brewery visit and review. The BeerThere gang was desperate to go out, so I took advantage and sent us on a bit of a drive, all the way to south Richmond, about 35 mins from downtown Vancouver.

“Why would we go all that way there when there are so many breweries closer?”… you would ask. Well, I was told this hidden gem was worth the drive. Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks is one of those breweries that decided to make path instead of following the existing one.

Finding this beer in any liquor store is almost impossible and the few bars that carry it will only offer it to the clients they know will appreciate something unique and different.

These guys truly took it to another level

These guys truly took it to another level. The production and tasting room location couldn’t be more hidden. Nothing around. This place is definitely a destination. Their beer line up offers a unique combination of common beer styles with some incredible infusions. Making a choice alone made me suffer.

The low key space was warm and welcoming with nothing to prove. With the factory on the back, fully open for everyone to see, two video-game stations with old school games, long tables for the groups and the small table for the loners, the space was just perfect to relax and enjoy a drink with friends.

Under the recommendation of Sabrina, the very well informed server behind the counter, I started with the very popular and award-wining The Last Strawberry – Strawberry Wit. If you think you are too manly for it, then you’ll miss something special. The extraordinary light sweetness of this Belgium-style wit beer with a bit of effervescence will make a mark on anyone’s taste buds. It is fresh but I have to admit that more that one will be too much for me. Still, it is a must.

The second beer was something so different from the first choice that made me smile to think that both are still considered beers. The Kiwani Plum Sour is, as the name says it, a sour beer. For those that love a strong citrus-taste that can reach every taste bud in your mouth, this beer will be your favourite. With a very little aftertaste and a strong punch, the fruity taste is somehow lost at the beginning but the lingering light flavour will be there. It is not my top sour beer but definitely a very good beer that I would recommend in a split second.

As for my third and last choice of the night was the strong and flavourful Bean Me Up – Espresso Milk Stout. The aroma alone will wake up a zombie. The dark, thick and milky brew has a wonderful bouquet that is quickly followed by the taste of a unique blend of espresso beans. This was a perfect way to end the night leaving an aftertaste that would last all night.

Aside from the wonderful beers, I was quite hungry, and the night special was a Japanese Curry bowl, served on a cool-looking old-school rice bowl. The rich flavour was a great match for the beers. A bit of an overkill with the bell peppers but easily removed to enjoy the rice and curry beef.

My opinion is…

I am happy that someone has the balls to break the rules and come up with new ways to make and enjoy beer. This is no basement project, and even though it is still considered a young microbrewery, with less than 2 years since the first batch, the personality in every drink can only be showcased as matured and experienced. I know it is a bit of a drive, but for everyone that is serious about beer, adventurous or thinking about getting into the brewing business, I strongly recommend a visit and, if possible, a tour.

If I had to recommend one it would be…

…The Last Mango, another Belgian wit that I tried as a sampler at the end. I believe that the flavour of this beer beats almost every other fruity wit beer I’ve ever had. The fact that it is almost impossible to find makes it even more of a treat, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Final score: 8.6/10




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