About Us

We are group of friends that get together (usually) about once a week in a different local beer brewery. We are not connoisseurs or experts on the “beer” subject. Our blogs are not to be taken as technical descriptions by any means but as what an “average Joe” thinks about each experience.

Which days you guys go out?
Usually we go out every Thursday, but we are not tight to that day, it is just a day we can all get away for around 2 hours and enjoy a time with friends and have a beer.

Are you a male only group?
Hell no! We are guys and girls, friends and couples. We are not trying to be business networking or trying to hook up anyone. Social friends try to chillax, period.

Are you getting paid by the breweries?
Our comments are simple individual opinions and are we not, in any way, getting paid by any of the breweries to speak on their behalf. If our blogs improve or not their sales or image is not part of our mission.

How do you choose the next brewery to go to?
No clue. Random. We try to pick a new one every week or lesser known one. It is not that we are fans of the underdogs, it is just that we try some that are not as popular, so people can have an idea of that they are missing, or in some cases, not missing anything special.

Do you tell people or the brewery in advance that you are going?
We are a group of around 8 or 10 friends, and we decide almost the same day where to go. We try not to tell anyone outside the group to avoid different treatments at the brewery. It could happen that someone listens and tells others, but not that’s not the idea.

What do you guys look for in each new place you visit?
We are not inspectors (far from it), but we are looking for what everyone else is looking for, i.e. service, appearance, ambiance, beer (and in some cases food) options, the quality of their products, etc.

Can I join you guys to one of your brewery visits?
I see why not, just send us a line via our contact us link and we’ll be in touch with you. We can’t promise you anything, but lets start we a message. We are a friendly group and we are open to meet new people in town. We are trying to keep the group socially manageable so it might take a few weeks.

If there is anything else you want to ask us or you want to know more about us or anyone in specific of our group, do not hesitate to email us.

Cheers! Salud!