Alexander Renowitzky

Co-founder & Blog Writer


I consider myself an extrovert and a socialite, a social drinker, an artist and entrepreneur. Started Beer There with some friends and now has become a weekly thing.

I am far from an expert and, to be honest, feel bad for those who claim to be one. I believe the main reason to have a beer is far from the beer itself, it’s the experience, the friends, the laughter and even, sometimes, tears.

I like to try new beers. No favourites but I can drink more the of the session and hefeweizen types. I hate to get drunk and no problem with the light buzz.

I am happily married with 2 kids. My stunning wife is my best friend (I know how corny it sounds but it’s true). My 8 year-old is my little companion too. My youngest one is only 4 months old and can’t wait to hang out more with him.

I can’t stand assholes, so I believe my friends are the nicest people. I need no arrogance, just great human beings to share my life with.