Beer There Participant

Unlike some of my friends from this blog, I do truly love beer. I like it so much that I even joined a running group last year just because there is always beer waiting for us at the finish line (I actually kinda hate running). That’s why when Alex mentioned this weekly microbrewery thing I was sold within seconds, without realizing that he wasn’t exactly inviting me… they happily welcomed me anyway, thanks, guys, I won’t let you down!

I’ve been lucky to call Vancouver home for the last six years. I love everything about this city, from the beautiful landscapes to the awesome food scene. Speaking of food, I’ve been told I eat unproportionate amounts for my body size and I eat just about everything, except granola bars. Just a fun fact.

In my reviews, I’ll talk about the menu just as much as about the atmosphere and obviously the beer. I am very easy to please, though. Let us know of any places we should visit and we’ll beer there!