Kate Renowitzky

Beer There Participant

How to say no to good beer? Common phrase in my hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. A coastal Caribbean city, with a relentless sun.

I’m an interior designer based in Vancouver, just over five months ago. Until recently I hadn’t even noticed these so-called “microbreweries”, which offer a unique and particular variety for beer lovers, or for those who just want to share a little time between friends. Most of these sites are not too popular or well publicized, they still remain out of the spot light for many, which makes the experience of getting to know them, one by one, even more interesting.

I am characterized by being a very extroverted person, cheerful, creative, and friendly with a great passion for art and music. Our group on Thursdays (which are not always Thursdays) is composed of friends with no limitations of age, nationality or background. None is an expert on beer, or anything that has to do with the food industry.

When we sit down to share a good beer, a good talk, and good company, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, we disconnect from the day to day. This blog is only for sharing experiences and details of each place that we visit, and we still have several more to know!