Roberto Ortiz

Beer There Participant

My real addiction is traveling (over 45 countries and counting) and not drinking! so beer is just a good argument and excuse to get together with my friends and discuss my new travel destinations!

I have a bachelor in engineering but my real passion is international business development where I connect international customers with local manufactures.

My interests include photography; interior design; dine out, socializing; crossFit (being the worse in the class but I love the energy you get) and spoil my 8 years old nephew.

My relation with beer is like the song “bittersweet symphony”. I have to say that beer itself is not a drink that originally offered me any good test as it is bitter by nature; however, the sweet part is the surrendering involved in drinking beer!

Beer is not just a drink; drinking beer is a “social ritual” that has the unique ability to get people together and the several benefits that emerge from it. Some of them include:

Your English or new language skills improves dramatically;
Your ugly friends become irresistible good looking;
You can become instant pro-TV commentator when watching your favourite sport on tv;
Your confidence drastically increases to the point you can even fight the big door bouncer guy.

Obviously, I am just joking about beer, but one thing is for sure; beer is like life, even though it can be bitter sometimes, it could also bring you happiness!

Cheers, prost, salute, salud!